"Kym is an articulate speaker who combines a deep understanding of how business works with her own personal and inspiring experience as a patient. She'll win your audience's hearts and minds, and inspire action!"

Lygeia Ricciardi, Digital Health Expert & President, Clear Voice Consulting

Former Director, Office of National Coordinator, Consumer eHealth

"Four years ago the IOM said healthcare needs to be "anchored on patient needs and perspectives." You can't assess that unless you have the patient's perspective, and few advisors have more of that than Kym Martin. She knows - and is articulate about - what matters."

​– ePatient Dave DeBronkart, Cancer Survivor, Keynote Speaker and Health Data Rights Activist 

"Kym's story really resonated with me. Gliimpse engaged her on contract to capture her unique patient and cancer survivor expertise. She provided nuanced and critical insights to our designers and developers that expanded their views about the complexities of the patient experience and uncoordinated care. The developers really respected her approach. Kym also tested the usability of Gliimpse against her own care management needs and shared meaningful feedback that strengthened the power and value of the solution for all patients."

Anil Sethi, Founder & CEO, Gliimpse  

"Kym's keynote address at the 3rd Health Informatics Tri-State Summit in January 2016 was eye-opening on how important it is to capture the patient experience. She brings value and diversity in her voice in that she represents the interests of patients and families based on her personal experience, rather than as an employee or an affiliate of a consumer advocacy organization. Her presentation and powerful message will be treasured forever!" 

Gabriela Mustata Wilson, PhD, MSc, SHIMSS, Associate Professor of Health Informatics, Health Services and Health Administration, University of Southern Indiana

"Kym's story, mission and presence are powerful. Little did I know that meeting Kym on an airport shuttle would be so transformative. Kym's ability to connect with an audience is captivating. Kym has a unique ability to take her multiple cancer diagnoses and turn it into a positive, educational, and action oriented experience. As a keynote speaker, she delivers a compelling narrative and draws strategic connections between her cancer diagnoses and the business of healthcare.  At the conference where we first met, not only did Kym deliver a stellar opening keynote, she enhanced my breakout session on big data and social listening by sharing patient insights that humanized and enriched my key talking points. She's a strategic networker, who works tirelessly to empower patients in their health care journey. As an example of that passion, Kym secured my invitation to speak at a recent event where we shared the stage. I'd be honored to share the stage with Kym anytime." 

John Murphy, Director, Aetna Social Media

"Kym wowed the crowd at Health 2.0 in 2015. Not only did she relay her story about her four (yes, four) different cancer experiences, and how she now interacts with the health care system on her terms, but she gave precise and meaningful feedback to the technologists showing their tools on stage. And while Kym nay be "just a patient", she more than held her own with her fellow panelists, a physician CEO of a major provider organization and the CTO of the US Department of Health and Human Services!" 

Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman, Health 2.0


"Your discussion received rave reviews, and many people said it was the most inspiring presentation they have seen by a patient opinion leader. We really appreciate your willingness to share your story to help improve the journey for other patients."

Anonymous, Global Pharmaceutical Company