Health IT strategy

Market Validation

With more than five decades combined experience, Kym and Ross bring the perspectives of business leader, sales executive, patient, provider, caregiver and informatician to your mission-critical health IT and consumer initiatives. They deliver a 360-degree view of market dynamics, customer insights, challenges and opportunities so you can bring transformative change to healthcare.

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Kym Martin, MBA

360 dEGREE impact!

CLIENTS & engagements

Whether optimizing an existing service or delivering an entirely innovative product to market, Ross and Kym use proven market validation techniques to hone your development strategy, connect you with their extensive network of thought leaders and prospective clients, develop pricing and incentive models, and train your team in consultative sales techniques.

Ross Martin, MD, MHA

Kym and Ross are nationally-recognized keynote speakers. Kym's story as a four-time cancer survivor inspires and informs audiences. Ross is the "World's Leading Medical Informatimusicologist" -- presenting on health IT topics informed by his years working on standards, policies and implementation seasoned with original music and spoken word pieces.